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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Notice: Lil' Son Productions Moves To WordPress...

Well after much thought and hearing good things... I've decided to make the move over to WordPress!!! Yeah for me lol.  If you would like to continue to see the chronicles and all the writings, check out the new link (http://lilsonproductions81.wordpress.com/) and subscribe by email.  No worries... it's free... which is my favorite part.  I'll leave this site open as well and post a link on the new site... Thank you all for supporting me... you make a country fella happy, but I truly thank God for this opportunity to be a blessing and for others to be a blessing.  It's all due to God... for He is worthy!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lil’ Son Chronicles ~ Validation…

Inspritation: 1 Cor. 7:17 & Terry Dexter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjB4JuFHftI
1 Corinthians 7:17 (The Message)

17And don't be wishing you were someplace else or with someone else.  Where you are right now is God's place for you.  Live and obey and love and believe right there.  God, not your marital status, defines your life.  Don't think I'm being harder on you than on the others.  I give this same counsel in all the churches.

Remember when…

“Liberal, conservative interest groups battle to define Sotomayor”

The latest news is that President Obama has selected federal judge Sonia Sotomayor as the next Supreme Court nominee.  If confirmed, Sotomayor will become the first Hispanic Justice.  Coolness...
But focus your attention to the phrase in quotations (see above).  This is the title of the article that refers to Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing. 

Now here are my questions.  Why do we as people feel that we need to validate others?  WHY DO WE ENTERTAIN WHAT OTHERS SAY?  Is it because we don’t allow God to validate us as individuals? More why don’t we let God has His Way and validate us as His Children?

Many that “try” to validate others are usually people that don’t have too much going on within themselves.  They are the ones that continue to run from stability; meaning a solid foundation with God.  And because of that, they will try to latch on to the vulnerable and/or youthful in the walk with God. And to those that are weak or in denial, realize that everything that glitters isn’t gold.  God is definitely on the journey with you but Satan has assignments to distract you from the road less travel.

Here’s something that ponder over. 

First, pray for those that are looking to define someone else.  Pray that God will show them the errors of their ways and that they turn to God and be a blessing to others.  If you are looking for validation from others, know that God loves you the most and He will define you far above what man or woman could ever try.

NO ONE CAN LIVE FOR YOU BUT YOU.  You can not allow anyone to deter you from what God has called you to.  Many folks out here have said oh, Vince is my friend.  Many have talked about me.  And while before it hurt, I realize something now.  As I get older, I realize, everyone is not my friend and some are sent to distract me from what the True Purpose of this thing called life is about. 

This is a concept that not only should we hear, but we should apply to our daily walk with the Lord. 

Here are some points:

1.  You are a child of God.  Plain and simple.  No more, no less. 
2.  Stop giving the benefit of doubt to situations that can’t help you to grow. 
3.  Your anointing will attract all sorts of people, so discern on all sides. 
4.  Finally, not everyone is out to bring you down.  Some are there to help, so shut up sometimes… get off your arrogant horses and be sensitive when the Lord is using someone to help you out…

THOUGHT:  Everyone has gifts and talents... they can be used for good or evil.  And then everyone is anointed...  Which is another realm...  This thing called, anointing can only be used for God’s Work.  Satan is aware of this and so he will send spirits and devices one’s way to deter one from operating and growing in the anointing. 

But be reminded...

That you are special in everyway.  There are many challenges that we all face and we feel that what we deal with, is too much to bear.  However, God reminds us that we have the power to bear the challenges and more.  As of matter of fact, we have the power to speak into those challenges and cast them out. 

I say all this to say that, God hasn’t forgotten about the anointing on you.  After all He placed it on you.  The wilderness situation is there for a reason.  You are killing the weeds that are surrounding your seed.  And eventually, with the nourishment of God’s love... the sprout will come and before you realize, the tree trunk will be firm.  And before you realize it... you will bear the fruit that will heal... deliver... and set free many...

And don’t be scared...  I know right now, it is hard times... but the weeds are being killed for a reason... after all... you can’t grow if your soil is not fertile....

Think about it...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lil’ Son Chronicles - Conviction...

Inspiration:  Yolanda Adams – Unconditional… (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6IfMASlJcQ)


Often I wonder how it works out
Through signs, wonders and miracles; I can shout,

Blowing my mind by chance or surprise
With each step, I get closer and closer to the prize,

Everyday I see is amazing and filled with grace
In every struggle, I become less swift but can endure the race

In the midst of situations, underlying issues rise about…
Test me because of the hidden potentials that is to be brought out

A left field experience… a sudden occurrence… a called to action…
The fear… pain… struggle… my initial reaction…

But then I stop and realize… two words that have made me calm
These words, “BUT GOD”, sooth my soul, a sweet smell of balm

Nobody but God, can show up in a way of convictions…
Nobody but God, can destroy all of Satan’s restrictions…

As Dorinda Clark Cole said, “now I can say… that I’m still here”
Still here to tell the story of how He has brought me here

Here at this moment with a condition, yet an ambition
To praise His Name boldly with a worthy conviction.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dollar$ & $en$e – Entering Week #5: Status Update

Well, I must say I’m shocking myself.  It dawned on me that I am closer to completing step 1 (having a $1000 in an emergency fund) than I thought.  Initially I said that I would save $10.00/day starting with November 1 until the end of the course and still doing just that.  But when I looked at my accounts in the credit union, to my surprise, I’m almost at the goal of a $1000 dollars…. YES!!!  Also, because I am in the waiting stage on the settlement date, I’ve been careful to watch how I spent the mullah, so the checking account is looking pretty good.  I believe that a good foundation is being created and I’m excited about that.  There are still several goals that I have in mind and the only way they will come to pass is that I make sure these are goals line up with God’s work and if so, that I write them down so I can be accountable.
1.        Pay off the Navy Federal Card… So far I owe about $6000 and I actually see the light at the end.  The issue is should I pay this first or second.  This leads to #2.
2.       Pay off the Acura… I owe roughly about $6,000 and I could see myself aggressively paying this off by June 2011.  The catch to that is I would have to double up on a few payments and with the budget in place, I gotta be mindful of the necessities.  However, if I did pay it off, that’s $500.00 that can be diverted to the credit card or a portion to the card and a portion to the savings.
3.       Change over to Boost Mobile… Self explanatory… NO ANNUAL CONTRACTS… UNLIMITED TEXT & TALK… ALL FOR $50.00 A MONTH… I sound like the commercial…. But I like that… but this will happen in a phase over time.
4.       Decide if I should allow the job to pay the student loans or make the effort to do myself.  Sigh… now it would seem like this should be an easy answer, but the sacrifice is, “do I allow them to pay off the loan, at the sake of staying here for additional years?”  Hmmmm…
5.       And finally… pay off the house.  Well, first… I guess I need to move into it lol!!!  But most would argue that the house is your way not to owe in taxes, but at the same token…there’s a lot you can do when you don’t have a mortgage. 
There was a question that discussed on last night.  “What would if feel like to be completely debt free?”  The last time I was debt free was when I 18 years old.  I was crossing the stage at I.C. Norcom High School.  I think 11 years is long enough to be slave to the lender and not have the knowledge to come out.  What’s funny is that like most kids, I didn’t understand what it meant to be debt free.  I was kid.  Now, when I look back, I realize I had it made…. But I will again lol…  I think there are a mess of feelings that come to mind when I think of the day I will be debt free.  Notice I said, “WHEN” because it’s going to happen.  And because of that, I take a page out of Brother Marvin Sapp’s book… PRAISE HIM ADVANCE!
THOUGHT:  I think the ultimate goal that any of us can set is to make a better effort to serve God.  There are so many goals that we all have.  School, marriage, family, financial freedom, ministry… and so on and so on… But with all these length and lofty goals… make sure that the ultimate goal you have in mind, spirit, and heart… to live for God… then and only then can you live like no one else…   Keep pressing forward all and know that I am praying and praising God for your deliverance, healing, and your freedom… most of all your continuous growing relationship with God.
Day 30 down… 61 days to go… and a lifetime of prosperity in God

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lil’ Son Chronicles ~ Thanks “Giving”

This morning I read an article on how 29 lives are now gone.  A mine blast occurred in New Zealand, trapping the 29 miners.  A second blast within the mine has more than likely erased hopes of rescuing them.  I read another article on the growing danger of cholera spreading in Haiti.  And of course, there is the situation in Korea.  So much is going on…
Living in America, I am realizing we are truly spoiled jackasses and we take so much for granted.  We have the high 5 and 6 figure jobs… the big houses and cars… we have the capacity to be “grown & sexy”.  Yet, when I hear about the peril throughout the world, I become concerned.  Have we as Americans; that up in the air to the point we don’t stop and be grateful.  As children of God, do we not take the time to simply say Thank You God and mean it?
On last night, a display of this good heart gesture was shown through my Fraternity.  The Fort Washington (MD) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated decided to do our part and give back to the community.  It did my heart joy to see the smiles on the families’ face that someone thought about them.  As men of Kappa, we are Achievers in every right.  But more so we, Men of Kappa, know that our blessings and who we are is due to God. 
Take it a step further though.  As children of God in general… what are we doing to give back?  We have so much to be thankful for… and we celebrate that on Thanksgiving Day, but shouldn’t that be everyday?  And yes, any of us can lift our hands and open our mouths in thanks to God, but can’t we also show our appreciation by giving back?  By praying… making a sacrifice for others in need… depositing God-filled guidance into the children or others?
THOUGHT:  This thanksgiving season should not be a season, but a daily part of who we are.  Think about it… the simple/small things we have… many in this world don’t have.  The gifts, talents, the very knowledge God gives us and can be shared with so many.  Guess that’s why I like to write.  As we sit down with family, friends, and loved ones… take the time to reflect over your life.  When you were down, thought you would lose it all… the death of that love one seem too much… when you got that promotion… when that lady came into your life fellas (J)… when that man came into your life ladies… Think on the intangible that God gives us… and give Him thanks… but you can also give Him thanks, by serving others.
Happy Thanksgiving and Be blessed All…
Love of Christ…

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dollar$ & $en$e –Wait, V… Domesticatedededed … Oh Lawd!!!

(Yes, I meant to spell it like that lol)
At the age of 29…. Can it be? Is it possible? Is Vincent Augustus Davis Junior becoming….dare I say it…. Domesticatedededed? Oh God, now I really feel like my parents LOL!  Well that ain’t such a bad thing… I mean I get such good looks from Vinnie Sr and Rosie!  Thank ya Lawd for GOOD GENETICS!!! AND IF YOU GOT GUD GENETICS, YOU BETTA PRAISE HIM!!!! *Ahem*, my bad…lol.
Ight enough of that lol (I know y’all just pray lol).  But I’m excited, because I actually set my budget with assistance from one of my friends and of course with God leading.  To much surprise, I actually had money left over.  Well not really.  The money left over will go to my emergency fund and credit card.  But it’s really a good feeling because now I can see where the money is going.  Also, there are funds that are allocated to pay my tithes which I’m thankful for and also for entertainment which is pretty cool.  But with this comes a few thoughts:
#1.  Not every month’s budget will be the same; therefore, I must set the budget every month.  Sounds like a lot of work, but at least the mindset gets yet another chance to make a change… yes, I am ridding myself of my weekly/daily caramel mocha with whip cream and caramel drizzle (GLORY!!!!!) *ahem*, my bad lost track for a second lol. 
#2.  I’ve decided that it’s time to take some authority over the career.  Therefore, I’ll be looking into some training at the office, as well as graduate studies in Statistics… yeah; I’m a nerd and whut??? To let my nieces tell it, Veeg got swag… ummmm I guess… but naw, its time.  All apart of some goals in 2011 starting now.
#3.  Most important… that the lessons that I am learning will be a benefit for others; like my nieces… godsons… and people in general… This information that I am learning in Financial Peace is such a blessing.  Amazing how I am in this class now; right when I’m about to embark on homeownership… God, You truly amaze me how You orchestrate everything…
THOUGHT:  This life is interesting.  You ever stopped and thought about how God just connects the pieces?  A huge jig saw puzzle… or a statistics problem… or a computer program that needs to be solve.  And yet when we doubt how it will come together… God has already worked it out… Instead of worrying… we must believe God and be obedient unto Him.  As it was taught in the Living Purpose Entries… “Don’t focus on the circumstances… focus on the Truth.  Jesus Christ is Truth…”  Don’t believe me… live long enough and go through a trial… I guarantee you; you will experience the Truth…

Dollar$ & $en$e – Reality… Check, Please…

Inspiration: April 2011… Growing Up… Financial Peace University

Finally, I have the time to write again.  Last week I was away from the office on training.  The training was New Employee Orientation.  Initially I assumed that this course would be boring, but in actuality, it has cause me to think of the next step in my life as it involves my career, my personal life… my relationship with God.
I work for an agency that supports its employees in an educational and professional environment.  The concern is that with that support comes the sacrifice of the huge check that I could get by going to another agency.  Working in the Federal Government is a game sometimes.  Either you find the right person so that you can kiss their butt to move up, or you keep it real with whom you are and get push off to the side… or you take the bull by the horns and plant out your path.  Of course then there’s the other option… to seek God and be obedient unto Him. 
I spoke with a couple friends of mines.  One feels that I could hold myself back by staying with this agency.  The other feels that I should weigh all options, be prepared and seek God on His direction.  I guess I’m concerned because the reality of homeownership is sinking in more and to comfortably handle this new pending expense, I must be willing to make some sacrifices, and make a few decisions that… well, won’t be popular… of course always weigh my options on this agency or another one. 
On top of the orientation, I also am looking at my cash flow plan… and the cash flow is plentiful until that mortgage hits lol.  But it’s good that I am looking at this.
1.        Knowing what I am working with. 
a.       Knowing that I get paid a certain amount a month let’s me know what I am working with.  My goal is to set up an account, once I close on the house, for mortgage, HOA, and utilities.  I believe I would like to have a buffer in this account, starting off with 500.00 and slowly work my way up to $1000 this time in 2011.  Now, that may seem really small, but I think if I start small then I can work my up slowly.
2.       I see areas when I can cut back.
a.       As I was working on my cash flow plan, I noticed there are some areas that I can cut back on or eliminate all together.  The goal here is to examine my checking account.  See where money is being spent on trivial things and redirect that money to important things such as charitable giving, emergency fund, and bills.
3.       Verizon wireless either will have to go or one person will have to come off.
a.       This has been more than just financial issue, but a heart issue.  I love my family… really I do.  And like most, want to be there for them.  And I thank God for that opportunity and thank Him for the opportunity to come again.  However, soon I won’t be in position to pay a $300.00 cell phone bill.  Therefore, I am going to have to weigh the cost; to end my account with Verizon wireless all together and go with some carrier inexpensive like Boost mobile or keep Verizon and get rid of one of the lines.  A part of me does feel bad; yet the book I am reading for financial peace asked the question, “Are you helping or enabling? If you are enabling, then you are hindering yourself and any other party that is connected.” 
4.       Really examine my budget monthly.
a.       This will not be an easy task, but I’m going to have to examine this budget monthly to make sure I stay to it.  Plan it out for each month and take it from there.  Sort of accountability self check.
Lastly, I realize that the first year will be challenging.  But also 2011 will be a year that I can definitely see a couple goals accomplished.  I believe that by the end of 2011, I will own my car officially lol… and that I will be credit card debt free… and my emergency fund will be in full effect.  But none of that will happen if I don’t do the following:
·         Seek God…
·         Be obedient to God...
·         Be proactive…
I believe that with a plan now, with God leading and me being obedient… I will make it.
Father God:
Thank You.  I am realizing now that as I embrace 30 years of life in April 2011, that You are challenging me to mature in my financial stability, but more so in spiritual stability.  Lord, I can not obtain any goals, if I don’t first give You my all.  I must increase my time with You God, through Your Word, prayer, and obedience unto You.  If I hold on, I know You will be there… but I must do my part in relationship with You as well.  I thank You God for the strength that You will supply me as I embark on this journey.  I know as long as You leading me, I must follow You in order to retain, Love, Joy, and Peace… Father God, for a moment I must be selfless and ask that You be with Your Children.  You know all of what we stand in need of.  You know our potential.  Help us to see what You see, so that we can be effective in this walk with You.
In Jesus Name… Amen
Day #22 down, 69 days to go and a lifetime of prosperity in God.